our only message is “YOU”

“who are you?“
“what do you need?”
“what is your purpose?“
“do you allow yourself to be?”

if you happen to know the answers to these simple questions, you identified yourselfe to be “cursed”, of beeing self aware  … as only very few people dare to answer them honestly, … because only then, you are invited to ware an original Cursed Company creation, and your unique personality will bring the CC art of fashion alive…, making “you” as special as art can be …  Only if you feel comfortable to CC fashion, you have earned to wear it

WARNING!:  Please do not push yourself to do this, as the experience might harm you if you are not ready for it.

Our values

we pursue the following set of values and expect our customers, employees, partners and all our stakeholders to honor them

 be unique 
 value each individual
 do not copy nor be copied
 do not compromise on quality
 act as you are with highest integrity
 respect the richness of cultural diversity
 enhance social and ecological environment

“ be different”

our purpose

is to create unsurpassed experiences and unique value for our customers, employees, partners and stakeholders. we create understanding, feelings and common cause thru the power of simple beauty, honest elegance and highest quality. our ultimate target is to improve our society, our environment and our own purpose to be more meaningful by the means of fashion.   

“act as you are”

our mission

is to bridge the gap between cultures, generations, continents and times by understanding fashion as a form of creative art, the only universal and timeless language. we provide our selected customers with a strong choice to express their unique personality in a second-to-none experience of fashion. each arrangement is only made for you, as you are second to no one else on this planet.

“wanna be cursed too”

our vision

in a world where the traditional means to display exquisite taste and decent luxury became commercially inflated, highly self aware individuals are left with few choice to express their original personalities thru fashion. we believe in the original power of creative art,  honest craftsmanship and superior materials to create a new dimension of fashion, providing a real choice to those who care about values and dare to stand up for their way of life.

“some change”